Friday, January 09, 2015

Happy New Year! - January inspired resolution
Well, I had my whole post written and something went funky and now it's gone. So here's the quick version. Sweets were everywhere, at every meal, at every function. Chips were only for game days until every day became game day. It all had to go. We cleaned out the pantry of everything processed and started fresh, ten days ago. With real food comes less eating out, of course, and more eating in which leads to...meal planning...I cringe at the phrase. I have always quoted the phrase "those who fail to plan, plan to fail" knowing that I was usually the one without a plan. So the New Year rang in and I sat down and painstakingly planned our first week of meals. I only planned three meals but amazingly we didn't need any more than that (thank goodness!). Our  amazing neighbors shared some left over chili, and our family invited us for dinner another night. Between leftovers and all of the givers we were set for the most part. We ran out of eggs about three days before the week was up and I did everything short of trying to make scrambled eggs with Egg Replacer (as it very clearly tells you on the box you cannot do). So, one week down. We ate well and stayed in budget. Week two started yesterday and kind of failed on the budget, but on the bright side we should have some pretty awesome meals this week! I'm hoping at the end of this week I can see what I need to do differently. Always a learning process. Meals last week were from and meals this week are things I've made before and from other various sources. Hope to share in detail soon. The pic below is our New Year's Day breakfast: G-Free pancakes with honey apple butter and pecans.

Sunday, April 03, 2011

Aiden growing too fast!

It's been a while since we have posted. Everyday is such a blessing from the Lord! Our little boy keeps growing and learning new things. Our previous post, Aiden was learning new single words, and now he has begun to put words together! So fun.

Along with all of the fun things, we have also noticed that there are times where he can be a little territorial with his things. We know that is part of growing up at his age and we are trying our best to show him that it is ok to share. Praise God that he is willing to learn when we guide him.

A few weeks ago we tried our first "time out" with Aiden. He was hitting everything in his room with a stick and we told him to stop. As soon as we said, "Aiden let's go to time out" he looked at us and couldn't believe we said that. Apparently kids in his room at day care get sent to time out. Thank the Lord Aiden has not gone to time out at day care. We said, please sit down, and Aiden sat down and cried a little but knew what we wanted. Thankfully we have not had to do time out again.

We feel so blessed to have a loving little boy who just loves to play, read, and just be a little boy! Thank you Lord!

Wednesday, December 08, 2010

Aiden walking, Nick and Alia training for a marathon

It's been a while again since we have written on our blog. Just thought that we would try another attempt at this since since we have neglected NAG Notes for so long. Pictures will soon be added and updates to come... now:
Our sweet little boy is now WALKING!!! He is loving moving all over the place. Tonight he was throwing his ball in the living room and then chasing it until it stopped. So fun. Aiden is also saying multiple words. Some of the words are:
Puppy (ruff ruff)
Crater (cracker)
Agua (water in spanish)
Meh (Milk)

One thing that hasn't changed about Aiden is his sweet smile! Although he is developing his own personality (for his age), he is still the kindest toddler on the block.

Another fun thing is that we are training for a marathon!! We will be running the Austin marathon in February. We are extremely excited and working really hard training for it!!

There are more things going on but will post them another time.

Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Tigger in the Kitchen. Love the tail.
The Eye of the Tiger Y'all!
After a couple bites of chocolate, Tigger found his bounce.
Fun with Friends at the Fall Festival
Tiggers and Sis-in-Laws bounce around at the Fall Festival
One of the few pics with Aiden smiling. He was pretty serioso for the whole "photo shoot."
Aiden with his Grandmas. Can you feel the love?
"Does this make a good picture, ma?"
"Really? Sit next to the big pumpkin and you think it will be cute?"

I think Orange has become my new favorite color. What a beautiful season. We had a such a fun time with Aiden, family and friends this past week.

Thursday, January 28, 2010

Aiden at 6 Months!

Aiden is now 6 months old and growing so fast. He is now saying da da (as you will see on the clips) and sitting up on his own. We are so blessed to have Aiden in our lives!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Happy 3 Months a little Late!

"Wacky! Hehe"
Sweetest tummy time face!
"I can't believe my eyes!"
"Really, mom? Really, dad? It's 67 degrees outside."
"Yikes! It's cold!"
"The paparazzi during bath time...perfect."
"We are in serious need of those light socket protector thingys..."
"To bite my nails, or not to bite...that is the question."
"Yeah, I'm really thinkin' hard about this one..."
"Bite my nails, bite my nom nom..."
"This peace things a little tricky, but I think we can give it a chance." ;)
"This is your brain on Winnie the Pooh."
"Someone just gave me a big wet kiss!!"
"Monkey see, monkey do."
"Mom, I am SO tired of pictures!"

Stay tuned! More of me to come.